Video Link Bridging Service

 – Courts

LexVox provide a bridging service to connect video links to Courts, and all other courts with video conferencing capability.

We can connect a witness or expert from anywhere in the world through to the Royal Courts of Justice, either from a dedicated video conference room or via a laptop or tablet.

The witness can give evidence from their home via a secure web link, which we connect through to the court room, enabling the witness to be seen on the TV screens at the Royal Court of Justice.  Alternatively, we have access to video conference rooms in most cities around the world where the witness can attend and give evidence.

Our experienced team will liaise with the ushers at the RCJ to test the equipment, and ensure everything is ready for the video link to take place.

We can provide a video link to any court worldwide, from any device in any country. Our bridges link to IP, ISDN, PC and mobile devices giving a range of options to assist the witness giving evidence.

Avoiding travel for witnesses can reduce the costs of proceedings. Conducting a scheduled video conference can eliminate or reduce obstacles to case completion and provide better access for protected and vulnerable witnesses. 

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Our courts video link service can be used on a PAYG basis, with an easy booking process.

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