What are the Hardware and Software Requirements?

The service provides connectivity for a wide range of devices, including room systems and software endpoints, such as Cisco and Polycom, as well as web browsers. Supported web browsers are:
·       Google Chrome version 43 and later
·       Mozilla Firefox version 39 and later
·       Opera version 23 and later
Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari can work with the service, but they require plugins and/or Adobe Flash Player and therefore, are not officially supported.
The minimum requirement is a working PC running Windows, Linux, or Mac OS, with a web camera, microphone, and speakers.

What are the Network Requirements?

A working Internet connection is required with a minimum downstream and upstream speed of 512 Kbps. lexVox will provide the required list of ports and advice.

How is the call quality Managed?

lexVox supports high definition audio and video.

How do I arrange a test call?

A minimum of two working days prior to the scheduled call, a test call will be carried out between the customer’s facilities and lexVox system. When the call is successful, the customer will receive a Test Call Report.

How is a call Scheduled?

Full concierge service will be provided for the scheduled call. This includes connecting parties 5 minutes before conference. A dedicated Support team member will be monitoring the conference in progress and will connect and disconnect participants on the conference owner request.

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